William Cookson is an abstract artist based in Fulham, London. He was born in Wimbledon in 1977, and after attending Harrow School, he journeyed to Florence to study art at the Charles Cecil Studios. Over three years of rigorous training in the tradition of drawing, painting and sculpting from life, William honed his skills in portraiture. After just a term at Byam Shaw School of Art, he set up his own studio in Chelsea, and began to experiment with a number of different media.


Since 2003 William’s practice has been driven by the complexity of London’s urban landscape, as he moved away from portraiture to become more expressive. His work has been the subject of a number of solo and group shows from Corfu to Barbados, with high profile collectors and enthusiasts including Mati Pierre-White and legendary composer Hans Zimmer.

William Cookon at his latest exhibition